An Interlake Tradition

Interlake holds two plant sales each year.

The first is the Winter Sale. Students spend the month of November creating evergreen wreaths. They work with local vendors to purchase beautiful poinsettias and they propagate numerous indoor plants. The Winter Sale takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

The main event of the year is the Spring Plant Sale. Students’ hard work is showcased at this highly anticipated event. Months of planning, growing and marketing reap great rewards. Students experience the joy of showing off their knowledge and customer service skills. The sale takes place in late April or early May and is the perfect opportunity for community members to support the efforts of the next generation of plant enthusiasts.

Winter Sale – December 1-2, 2023

Let students help you find the right plant for your home or workplace. They will sell you a beautiful poinsettia to make your home festive for the holidays. They make hundreds of wreaths to let visitors know…


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