You may now schedule your pick-up time for your order.  Orders will be placed in our pick up area at Interlake.

The pick-up area is located in the Greenhouse/World Language parking lot near the corner of NE 24th and 164th.

Interlake High School

16245 NE 24th St.

Bellevue, 98008


When picking up orders, please make sure you are taking only your order.  We also ask that you strictly observe all social distancing measures by staying a minimum of 6′ from others and wearing a mask if others are present.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe!  We appreciate your support.

When booking your pick-up time, please enter your order number into the Comments field.

Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of plants some are not of the quality we would sell to you. Occasionally our computer inventory does not match what is actually in-stock, or we do not feel comfortable giving you a plant below our standards. We will do our best to make substitutions if possible, but in some cases we may not be able to fulfill parts of your order. Unfortunately, the payment system does not allow us to make refunds on orders. We appreciate your understanding.

Please be aware that we do not monitor the pick-up area to ensure people are taking the correct product. We are trusting the kindness of community members to take only their plants. We cannot be held responsible if your plants are taken by someone else.

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