Flowlympics Rules

  1. Events: 

Solo Design – Individual design event for beginners or experts, open to all students and staff. Designers will create arrangements Monday, May 2, 3:30-5 pm. Individual event is $5.00. 

Team Design – Partner design event for beginners or experts, open to all students and staff. Designers will create arrangements Tuesday, May 3, 3:30-5 pm. Partner event is $8.00 .

Speed round – Lightening fast round for beginners, or experts, open to all students and staff. Event is live on Thursday, May 6th, 4-5 pm. Contestants will have 20 minutes to recreate an arrangement presented by a Floral 2 student)

Best in Show – Winners of each event (solo & team, both levels) will compete for Best in Show. Contestants will have the pick of flowers to use and 1 hour to create a design of their choice. Event will be live on Friday, May 7, 4-5:30 pm 

  1. Contestants: 

Contestants must be students or staff of Interlake High School

Beginner Class – Individuals or teams with no formal floral design experience.

Expert Class – Individuals or teams who have taken at least one floral design class at Interlake or at another location.

Emails will be sent to contestants as a reminder of the event one week in advance. 

  1. Pricing: 

Solo- $5 

Speed round 5$ 

Partner $8 (per duo) 

Contestants who advance to Best in Show will not pay additional fees.

  1. Materials:

Contestants must provide their own containers. Mechanics materials such as tape and foam will be available for use. All tools will be provided to designers unless designers wish to bring their own tools.

An availability list will be provided to contestants by April 18. Contestants will then send their stem requests to event coordinators. Contestants will be given requested stems at the time of their designated construction time. Contestants are not required to use all stems, but may not get additional material during construction. 

Contestants may bring in their own additional floral material.

Speed round materials: Speed round contestants will be provided all materials used in the creation of the sample arrangement. No additional materials may be gathered during the event.

Best in Show– Designers will have time to select material after a 15 minute sketch phase. Designers may only select material on display in the competition space. Contestants may also use materials found in the Interlake Horticulture Center, but no additional time will be given to gather materials. Materials may not be gathered until the competition starts.  

  1. Winners: 

Contestants may compete more than one event (main event & speed round).

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in both solo and team competitions. Only 1st place will be awarded for the speed round and best in show.

First place winners of each solo and team competitions will move on to best in show. When entering please be aware of this and that Best in Show is a live event on Friday, May 6 from 4:00-5:30 pm. 

  1. Cost: 

Contestants must pay for their entry fee prior to the availability list being sent.

If students cannot afford the entry fee scholarships will be available. Contestants need to contact Ms. Lindholm for scholarships.

  1. Rules: 
  • No use of outside sources  
  • Cannot take other people’s materials  
  • No sabotaging  
  • Entry fees are non-refundable  
  • Not responsible for lost items  
  • Design times are firm and the design space will close at 5:00 each design day. 
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